DIG-IT Bible Camp
An outreach of the churches of Christ

          Dig-It Bible Camp was designed to offer a solid Bible camp for young people at no cost to the camper.  With the tough economic situations most families are in and with the prices of other Bible camps on the rise, we felt a need and an opportunity with this endeavor.  Instead of offering scholarships or offering to pay for those that could not afford, we decided to offer it free to all campers so that all are considered equal and economics never enter the picture.  Through the contributions of faithful members of the churches of Christ Dig-It has been able to maintain that goal and purpose.
          Dig-It is an outreach of the churches of Christ and strives to teach and do Bible things in Bible ways.  Our camps are filled with lessons, devotionals, and singing along with fun and games.  We maintain the biblical teaching of accapella singing in all camp activities.

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