High School Banquet - April 28th

The 2023 High School Banquet in April 28th. This year's banquet is going to be fantastic. We want to ensure we have a firm count by April 5th to have space for everyone so you must sign up by then. We will reveal the events of the evening, and cost, soon. Don't wait! Sign up now.

Name Shirt Size  
Shawn Clark [Delete]
Malik [Delete]
Mattie Greenfield [Delete]
Audrey Greenfield [Delete]
Josh Strickland [Delete]
Silas King [Delete]
Tiger (adult S) [Delete]
kenton gentry large [Delete]
emily gentry XL [Delete]
Raśl Avila Large [Delete]
Dairo Avila M [Delete]
Caden Deerman Adult small [Delete]
Katelyn Sims Adult small [Delete]
Emily Farfan M [Delete]
Kevin Brito Medium [Delete]
Ayslin Brito Small [Delete]
Everee Xl [Delete]
Natalia Rosa M [Delete]
Christy Greenfield L [Delete]
Michael Greenfield 2XL [Delete]
Total Sign ups 20

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