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Name: Dave Naber 


I was referred to your site by Virginia Hunt-Royal and am looking for a copy of "Let the Bible Speak"   if you could let me know how to retain a copy I would greatly appreciate it.

Dave Naber

Name: Randy Harris 


I love to read your "let the Bible Speak" published in the tulsa world. Just visited your web site to see if you had them posted online. I'm sure i'll be back to use for research.

Randy Harris

Member "Church in the Heartland"

Name: keijo 


WE will  be so thankful for grace again today in peace and harmony and in the HOly Spirits powor for Jesus name and be healed in my left the eye  are my prayer request in faith to be healad  in Christ thanks and bless and joy,keijo sweden

Name: T.J.R.Benhur Babu 


Dear Brother in Christ,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

I am Bro.T.J.R.Benhur Babu, Since 2000 I have been preaching the word
of God in state of Andhra Pradesh, India, and its three districts,
named Visakhapatnam, Vizayanagaram and Srikakulam.When I was graduated
in 2000 AD in NATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE in Chennai, Tamilanadu State,
India, since onwards I have been working as preacher for 2 years in
Nagarjuna Sagar area and had won many souls for Christ. In 2003 I have
reached Visakhapatnam and started the work of God. Not only
Visakhapatnam but also Vizayanagaram and Srikakulam Districts.

I have concentrated on Denominational Preachers’ because they fallow
man made doctrine and man made creeds and the Law of Moses. That made
me deep sorrow in my heart. So that I have started Denominational
Preachers’ Seminar in Feb 2004 in Vudacolony, Visakhapatnam . We
conduct three months course, weekly one day, 10AM to 12:30 PM, 2 PM to
5 PM.We provide them lunch and tro-fro charges. In Feb 2004 total 57
Preachers attended. We taught them from the Beginning exactly what
happened here we are giving these subjects under below.

1. How to study the BIBLE. (Divide the word of truth)

2. A convent of God to the human mankind.

3. The fall of man, the will of God.

4. To whom the law of God is given?

5. For what purpose the law is disannulled? Why? Through whom that is

6. What are the causes of Christ coming?

1. God manifestation. (Christ is the manifestation of God)

2. The establishment of the Kingdom of GOD . ( Church of Christ )

3. Forgiveness of sins. (Repentance and remission of sins)

4. The establishment of new testament. (Apostolic doctrine)

7. Christian belongs to new covenant.

8. Pattern of New Testament worship.

Above subjects are we teaching them. First seminar was held in our
local congregation with 57 denominational preachers. Out of them 19
denominational preachers are baptized. We have visited their
congregations and strengthened the members of those churches in the
word of truth. Therefore they are Church of Christ members.

How operation our work in our target Areas.

Our state Andhra Pradesh has 24 districs.Each districts has
approximately 50 to 60 Mandals.Each mandal has 20 to 30 villages.
Every mandal has denominational Pastors fellowship; it has executive
body and general members. Pastors of the mandal have membership in
this fellowship. We introduce ourselves as BIBLE teachers. One who has
interest will attend the class and understand the word of truth
through our teaching. In this process we have been conducting Bible
classes for the denominational preachers in 16 places in which 148
denominational preachers have attended. Out of 148 preachers 67
denominational preachers were baptized, and added to the body of
Christ. In the same manner we have been visiting those converted
preachers’ congregations and strengthen them in the word of truth.
This is the work in our state of Andhra Pradesh.
We pray in our church and we need your prayers and support for the
success of this mighty work of God and HIS glory.

"Salute you Churches of Christ"

Thanking you brother,

Your brother in Christ,p

T.J.R.Benhur Babu.
Church of Christ,
POBOX—3, Gajuwaka,
Andhra Pradesh,

Name: keijo 


Joy and joy for God will provide us with blessing  encourage us in fight and in obstacle to  be victorious again for Jesus bloods sake in glory to God,thanks and bless and win,keijo sweden

Name: Glenn D. Winstead 


Dear Dale,, You are amazing.

Name: Larry Binion 


While in East Texas for a week end visit, I heard of the Instrumental Music controversy going on in Oklahoma. even though I use the term "controversy", I know that there is no controversy except those that want to cry to have it their way. There is no such thing as a "Burger King" church.

I will be praying for Pioneer and Bell. Churches of Christ need to stand up for God. We are, after all, in a war for the hearts and minds of men. thank you for having the courage   to stand up for God and be counted. The Lord will only bless you richly.