We started by asking, "What must I do to be saved?" We then turned to the Bible to find the answer to this question. In our study, we found that the people HEARD about Jesus Christ. They heard that He died to forgive them of their sins. The people BELIEVED this. They believed that Jesus is the Son of God. They understood they were lost in their sins. They were then told to REPENT of their sins. They CONFESSED that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. After confessing, they were BAPTIZED. When they were baptized, their sins were forgiven. They were not forgiven of their sins before baptism. They were forgiven only when they were baptized. Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Have you repented of your sins? Have you confessed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Have you been baptized in order to have your sins forgiven? If you have not, then you are still in your sins. Obey the Gospel today just as lost sinners did in the Bible. You will be then be saved.