The Church of Christ was begun in 33 A.D.

The promise that Jesus of Nazareth made to establish it (Matthew 16:18) became a reality after His death, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. You can read about the beginning of His church in the book of Acts, chapter two, when about 3,000 became "charter members". The church continued to grow as our LORD added the saved to it. (Acts 2:47). When perution arose the church spread from city to city (Acts 8:4). Those who were Christians arrived in new cities to establish new congregations, identical to the one in Jerusalem, in new places. Just like the church in the first century.

On October 2001 Brother Walter Hartley, Sr. announced his intention to start a new work in the northern part of Madison, AL.
It was started with 15 adherents including 11 members.
Hartley, Sr.
Member Sylvester Crutcher
Afreka Crutcher
Adherent Morghan Crutcher
Adherent Maitlyn Crutcher
Patrica Hartley
Member Walter Hartley II
Member Joshua Hartley
Adherent Christina Hartley
Adherent Matthew Hartley
Member William Washington
Member Martha Washington
Member Roark Washington
Member Dionne Washington
Member Darryl Wormely
The first organizational meeting was held on June 30, 2002. At our first meeting it was announced that we had ured a location for the brethren to meet. The church would meet at 7535 Suite H Wall-Triana Highway. With much planning, hard work and prayer the church was incorporated on July 25, 2002 as " The Church of Christ of the Highway".

With the help of the Lord, the trustees, and charter members everything was in place. The first song practice was on July 30, 2002. Final plans were made for the first worship service. The Church of Christ on the Highway held its first worship service on August 4, 2002. In addition to the church members and adherents, we had fourteen visitors in attendance that special Lord's day. A dedicatory service was lead by Bro. Paul Young and Brother Hartley delivered the first sermon as the minister of the newly established congregation. That day we were blessed with the first new person
to place membership under the incorporated name "The Church of Christ on the Highway" Sister Samantha Strong. What a glorious day!

Since that first day we have grown to have in place several ministries: Benevolence, Education, Ladies, Maintenance, Media, & Youth. Our prayer were again answered when on December 15, 2003 we were able to purchase land one tenth mile south of our current location, on which we have began plans to build our permanent building. The church family has now reached 46 in number. On November 27, 2005 we held our first worship service in our new edifice @ 7494 Wall Triana Highway. The church family has now reached 67 in number (March 2006).

In 2007, Cedreck Davis came from Mayberry St. Church of Christ in Tennessee and became Minister of Spiritual Development. In 2010, a new sound system was bought to present PowerPoint sermons and record them. Our total membership is 126. We have 97 Members and 29 Adherents (March 2012). This year in 2012, we are Celebrating our 10th Anniversary of The Church of Christ on the Highway.

The Church of Christ on the Highway is a praying and praising congregation. It is alive and well, and growing. The Lord has richly blessed it. To Him we give the glory as we move forward in His name.