A Fork in the Road

A fork in the road

By John Ankrom


               As we walk along the path of this life, we will at some point come to a fork and at that fork, we must decide which path is the right path and which one is the wrong. Many who come to such a fork will simple, because of fear or indecision turn around and retreat. Just think where we would be in this life if at every fork we came to we simply turned around and went back the way we came? Think where we would be if at every fork we came to, we made the right decision, or the wrong decision.


               Have you ever known someone who will bend your ear for hours and lament over the missed opportunities they have had, or over all the bad decisions they've made? They cry and pound their chest and yell why me? But rarely will they admit any of those bad decision were their fault, someone or something always caused them to make the wrong choice.


               When we find ourselves standing at the fork in the path, we need to see that fork as being two different directions in which our life could travel, should I take the path on the left or the path on the right? How can I decide which to take? To answer this, let's look to God's word, which will always lead us down the right path.


               In the book of Hebrews chapter 11 we can read of many whom by faith chose the right path and followed after God rather than man. In verses 24-26 we read of Moses, a man who had it made, he was the son of the Pharaoh's daughter, great power and the wealth of the world  was laid at his feet, he was in line to be the next Pharaoh. But when he came to the fork in his life's path, he chose the path that leads him into a life of suffering, not because he would enjoy it, but because it was the right choice.


               Moses chose God's people over being the Pharaoh's daughter, he chose hardship and suffering over wealth and prestige, he chose wondering 40 years in the wilderness over lying in the lap of luxury. Why? Because he esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than all the treasure in Egypt, in other words, he understood that being right in the sight of God was a greater treasure. He understood that eternal life with God was a far greater treasure than all the gold and silver of Egypt. When you come to your fork in the path of life, which will you chose? The world or God?

You must choose one or the other, because they are two separate paths.