Vision Statement

To have a vision reflects who we are and who we wish to be as we mature as Christians.  Just like the trees that are on our property, we desire roots that grow deep in the knowledge and love of God and branches that spread out to share that knowledge and love with others. Our Vision and Mission reflects both of these realities, because deep roots will produce many strong branches. We are dedicated to glorifying God and His Son Jesus Christ in all that we do.

Our vision Statement
We envision an ever-growing church here in Tipton where...
The message and ministry of Christ as revealed in Scripture guides all that we do.
The Good News of Jesus Christ is shared at every opportunity.
We understand that our acceptance by God is based on Christ's perfection not ours.
People are patiently loved and accepted as they seek to be transformed into the image of

Believers are mutually accountable for encouraging each other in love and good deeds.
The fruits of the Holy Spirit through God's word, results in a contagious and irresistible joy.
Freedom is valued and mutually respected in matters of judgment, but God's word is the final

   authority in doctrine.

Bridges of relationship, service and hope are being built to connect us with our unsaved    

Our Heavenly Father is receiving the glory for all that is accomplished in His name.


We will accomplish this by teaching sound doctrine, applying the benefits of technological advances, while demonstrating love, compassion, and increased involvement of every member through our ministries while preserving the integrity of God's word.


To God be the glory



Leroy Parton                                                         John Ankrom