I Done The Dishes Today

I Done The Dishes Today

By John Ankrom


           I done the dishes today, my hands are all wrinkly, though they are very clean. The front of my shirt is wet, I dripped water all over the floor and countertop, which had to be cleaned up, at this point my back, was starting to hurt. Oh, and I had to go to the store and buy dish soap, talk about sticker shock! But I paid the price and got the job done.


          I will have to admit that I am not a dish washer; my wife has always taken care of that house hold chore. I will admit that there are times when I do pick up a dish rag and scrub a few pots and pans, mostly when my wife is down sick or as in this case, gone to be with her sick mother.


          As I was standing there looking out the window washing the dishes, I started thinking about what Jesus did. No, I wasn't thinking or wondering if Jesus washed dishes, (who knows he might have) but what he did on the cross, how his back hurt after the beatings, how his hands were covered not with nice sweet smelling soap but with blood.


          I thought about the agony of having spikes driven through those bloody hands and feet, how the crown of thorns must have caused great pain and how his sight must have been blurred by the blood that gushed from that wound.


          Now, talk about sticker shock! How many of us would pay that price? How many of us would have given what Jesus gave? But you know what, Jesus paid the price, He got the job done.                                              Read and understand I Corinthians 6:20