Led by:  Bro. William Washington

The purpose of this ministry is to ensure the congregation has a comfortable facility to worship and conduct church meetings. Ministry is responsible for purchasing, maintenance, and oversight of the physical property to include building and grounds. This would include outside maintenance, and inside cleaning, in order to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable worship environment for the congregation.

Please drive with caution as we enter and leave the premises of our building. We are concerned for the safety of all, especially the young children.

Please take pride in keeping our building neat and clean, free of gum, food and trash in the auditorium. Parents remind your children not to make skid marks on the waxed floors. Also, help keep our songbooks and Bibles in good condition.

Please do not park in the Handicap spaces if you are able to walk to the building . This allows those with greater needs to utilize these spaces.

Please do not take any church properties, or plan to use the building without checking with the Maintenance Ministry-Lead, Bro. W. Washington.