Guthrie church of Christ

The Guthrie church of Christ is a group of Christians who are a part of the church that was established on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2. That is the beginning of the church. Below is a brief history of how the congregation in Guthrie started.

"Congregation originated as result of tent meeting held in September, 1947, which was sponsored by Clarksville Church with Kurfees Pullias doing preaching and Tommy Nicks leading singing. In December, 1947, church purchased private dwelling and converted it into meeting place which continued to be used until August, 1960 when it moved into new quarters. In past gospel meetings have been well attended and annual vacation Bible school very successful. Glenn M. Lee served as first full-time preacher. There is need for additional elders and deacons plus an effective program of work among Black community. Elders hope that sometime in future several rural churches will consolidate with Guthrie. All of these congregations have lost several members in past few months. Elders are considering purchase of bus."
New Testament Churches of Today: A book of Brief Sketches and Pictures of Twentieth Century Churches of Christ, Volume 2. Edited by Batsell Barrett Baxter and M. Norvel Young. 1968.

History of Guthrie church of Christ as told by Mary Brooks 

Mr. Henry Bumgarner told me that his Grandmother, "Granny" Bumgarner, had give her backyard for the church to build a meeting house. She said she attended there until three families moved into Guthrie and decided to change the pattern of worship that was like the simple plan. Then she quit going to meet there. It is now known as the Disciples of Christ Church, I think.
Well, after a good many years, and after Granny died, the Church of Christ of Clarksville sent their preacher, Kurfees Pullias, to Guthrie to preach in a tent meeting where the City Hall now stands.
The song leader was Brother Tommy Nicks, and we had known him for several years when we lived in Springfield and were members at the Main Street Congregation. He was great and we were so glad to have someone we knew that well to come and help get the church going (September 1947).
There wer several members who came and supported the effort, but I'm sure I can't remember them all.
Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Willoughby
Mr. and Mrs. Tyne Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Mason 
And from this area, there were:
Mrs. Randolph Chester (Dorothy)
Mrs. Chuck Bagby (Doris)
Mrs. R.D. Boyles (died September 29, 1959)
Mr. and Mrs Charles Brooks (Mary)
Mr. and Mrs. Typp Gill (Inez)
After the meeting was over, we decided to try to meet together on Sundays and so the Guthrie High School let us use their auditorium on Sundays. I do wish I could recall the preacher who came to help us get started. We grew and had some more tent meetings before we purchased the "Granny" Bumgarner house and made the necessary remodeling that was needed. They even cut a hole in the floor so we could have a baptistry (This house was later owned by Bille and Belvie Glenn).
The membership grew and was a great help to those who came. We, at first, had preachers come for Sundays only. Then we got some to locate here so more work could be done.
Brother Pullias and Brother Nicks came back for several meetings and the church was doing some good work. As always when human beings are working together, there were some problems to come up; however, nothing kept us from trying to get a more suitable building and so the lot on West Park Street was bought. To make  along story short, I will say that I know it was being build in 1959 because of September 27, 1959, Mrs. R.D. Boyles (Boovie) came out of the building we were still in and was carrying the communion set to wash it at home. When she got home, she washed it and got ready for next Sunday, but on September 29, 1959, she died from a heart attack. I do not know just when we got to move in and have a regular service. But here we are!

Below are some of the preachers from 1947-2007:
David Arnold
Lewis Smealey
Sam Youree
Herbert Winkler
Plomer Hunter
Glann Lee
Ed Warren (song leader and preacher)
Dr. Burton Grant (one Sunday)
David Fisher
Brother Petrie
Harry Darrow
W. K. Boyce
James Fiveash
John Boyles (1981-1989)
Lytle Jones
Allen Crowly
Farrel Lindsey
Keith Young
Mark Kastner
Brian Stone

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