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Elk City, Oklahoma


You will notice that we do not list a plurality of "Ministries" as do many churches. There is only one "ministry" mentioned in the New Testament---preaching the gospel. The word "ministry" is never used in the plural form in the New Testament, and we have no program---or ministry---but preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do not entertain. We simply offer the sole, soul saving gospel of our Blessed Lord. If you are searching for a congregation where the Truth is preached without addition, subtraction, or substitution; where simple New Testament worship is offered to God instead of a circus atmosphere of entertainment, then you will want to visit us. When you do, you will find a warm welcome from all of our members.

As one means of preaching the Truth, we offer a FREE DVD, containing six Bible lessons. If you would like one of these, simply contact us, give us your name and mailing address, and we will send one to you free of charge.

We don't have any Programs listed online right now.  Check again later or call us for more information.

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