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Name: Job Ezekiel 
E-Mail: jobmokua21@gmail.com 
Comments: Good  evening our family,
How are you and your family there?
I and my fellowship we are doing well,
Always keeping praying for you and your family in our daily Thursday gathering prayers and Sundays worship.  We pray God to keep renewing you with strength and with good health to continue blessing us.  Thank you!  Yours Family Brother,
Job, Calister and FELLOWSHIP

Name: Julie V. 
E-Mail: bluejewels65@yahoo.com 
Comments: Hi! My name is Julie and I am looking for a church to attend on a regular basis. I have been to a couple recently, one of them I started attending last year. I'm still searching, however and found your website by searching churches in the Long Beach area where I live. I have listened to the songs on  your website and I LOVE them!! I can't stop listening. They are so comforting and beautiful. I have a good foundation in the Bible. I have made it through half the O.T. and have read all of the N.T. but of course, I will be reading and re-reading for the rest of my life :-) and there is so much more to learn.  I'm looking forward to visiting your services on Sunday at 11. a.m.

Name: Erick Ongech 
E-Mail: erickongech@yahoo.com 
Comments: Greetings to you all,may God bless you for the great work.I am Erick from Kenya,Sega church of Christ and would like to share more about our church here and the projects we have so that Godwilling we may come together in building the Lord's kingdom.You may contact me through my email address.

Name: Tammy Townsend 
E-Mail: tamtowns@gmail.com 
Comments: Jeff & Karen,
You have been doing the church bulletin as long as I can remember. You both are dear to my heart and thank you for being such great examples in my life.

I love our Los Altos family!
God Bless you both!

Name: Sandi Taylor 
E-Mail: blondegoddess65@gmail.com 
Comments: I enjoy coming to this site and getting a glimpse of "home".  LACC has a very special place in my heart.

Name: Mary Conder 
E-Mail: con64659100@yahoo.com 
Comments: Joann is my wonderful Aunt, so glad to see a few glimpses on here. I love that you are her church family. (Luella Inman is my Aunt also).

Name: Terry (Rosique) Benson 
E-Mail: tkrosie@yahoo.com 
Comments: I am so glad I found your web site.  It brings back lots of memories.  You are a gr8 church family, and I miss all of you very much.  

Name: blake 
Comments: i like this site and i think it saves alot more paper and trees plus money. go los altos church of christ.

Name: Sheila S 
Comments: Thanks for all of your work on this Jeff & Ron.  Great job!
P.S.  Should we add the Mountain States Childrens Home, as another mission project that we are involved in?

Name: Rose Rosenthal 
E-Mail: Rosenthalrose@yahoo.com 
Comments: Awesome website!

Name: rebekah 
Comments: i love this page please keep it going

Name: Tammy 
Comments: I LOVE this church family! You have been such a wonderful, positive influence for all of my childhood up bringing. You are my family.

Thank you for all that you have done for me and my family.

Name: Ron Litterell 
E-Mail: rbl48@aol.com 
Comments: Just trying this out???

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