'On Task' Matthew 11:1

Jesus finished telling these things to his twelve followers. Then Jesus left there and went to the towns in Galilee to teach the people and tell them {about God}.

Matthew 11:1


KEY THOUGHT: For someone who is easily distracted, the phrase "stay on task" is not only frustrating, but extremely needed. Everything in our modern lifestyles tends to push us into busy distractions. But Jesus remains on task. He is going to do the work the Father sent him to do. His single-mindedness is a powerful tool to help him find the path the Father wants him to walk. He will go back to where he is known, where his credibility has already been questioned, and minister with teaching and preaching to those who are reluctant to respond positively. However, Jesus' ministry is about three and a half years of sowing, so that when the moment is right, thousands will be ready for harvest. Even with rejection looming ahead, Jesus knows that he will endure by adhering to his faith and doing the work of God. We, too, must often walk the same path. God wants us to do well and share with others. Our goal is to be faithful to that call and to sow while we can; God will bring the harvest when the season is right.


TODAY'S PRAYER: Give me courage, O God, that I might do what you have called me to do. Give me conviction, O God, to follow your Word and will in scripture no matter the outward circumstances or the apparent short-term results. I trust the harvest to you, but I ask for the power of your Spirit to help me live faithfully in your service. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

What Jesus Did is a one-year devotional guide through the gospels, using one short passage each day and following the Gospel in consecutive order. Each devotional consists of a passage, reflection and a prayer which opens up the day's scripture and shows how it challenges you to live for Jesus.

What Jesus Did! is written by Phil Ware.

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