The Oildale Church of Christ was established in February of 1948. Original members worshiped with the Central Church of Christ. Realizing the need for a Bible based church in the Oildale area of Bakersfield, several families put their homes up for collateral, purchasing property on the corner of Warren and Wisteria. It had a seating capacity of 125. J.E. Wainright conducted the first service.

Within one year, the congregation grew and more seating was needed. The basement was converted to a worship room. Women and young children used this room. They could view and listen to the sermon through a "periscope device".

1953, the lot at 2912 N, Chester Avenue was purchased. The auditorium; with a capacity to hold 320 members was built using volunteers from the congregation and community. Additional rooms were added; Bible classrooms for infants through adults -  Nursery with window and speakers, - Storage room for Bible class material -  Communion preparation room -  Printing and copy room.

On April 25, 1954; 275 people attended the worship service and 300 attended Bible class.
  The first "printed bulletin", created using a Mimeograph machine was distributed during this service.

This facility is now called "The Old Building".
 It's still used for worship, Bible classes, fellowship and community activities. It has a fully equipped kitchen and pantry.

In 1968, a larger building was needed.  Again, with volunteers from the congregation and community this was accomplished.

Clarence Elmo Franklin, served the Oildale Church of Christ as pulpit minister, Bible class teacher and elder for forty-five years. He supported himself, his wife Dorothy and their three children instead of being paid by the congregation.

One of his inspiring phrases was; "Whatever we may have done, it was for the glory of God. We claim no credit of our own, only that God has allowed us to walk with Him and serve in our humble ways. Our hope is that we have been able to influence some to walk in the path of life with God, and follow Him faithfully".


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