'Cup of Water' Matthew 10:42

If any person helps one of these little ones because they are my followers, then that person will truly get his reward. That person will get his reward even if he only gave my follower a cup of cold water."

Matthew 10:42


KEY THOUGHT: Little things, small things, insignificant things are used by Jesus to make huge differences. A cup of cold water is such a wonderful thing when you are thirsty, away from home, and need some time to think and reflect. A gift of a cup of cold water is so powerful if it is offered in Jesus' name, is shared to honor him, and is given to bless others out of thanks for his grace. In such circumstances, a cup of cold water is much more than a drink; it becomes a holy gift given to the Lord himself.


TODAY'S PRAYER: Almighty God, help me notice more small things that I can do to bless others and serve them as I would serve the Lord himself. In the name of the Lord Jesus I pray. Amen.


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