'Accepting Jesus' Matthew 10:40-41

"The person that accepts you also accepts me. And the person that accepts me also accepts the One (God) that sent me. Any person that meets a prophet and accepts him will get the same reward a prophet gets. And any person that accepts a good man because that man is good will get the same reward a good man gets."

Matthew 10:40-41


KEY THOUGHT: While the previous verses have been about the disciples' willingness to stand with Jesus for Jesus and to proclaim Jesus no matter the hostile odds, these next few verses reassure us of Jesus' presence and concern about what happens to us. For people to reject us, with our message of salvation, we must realize they are not rejecting us, but Jesus. Through his people and through the Word of the Bible, Jesus reveals himself. But Jesus goes a step further; he promises that those who welcome Gospel messengers will receive rich rewards.


TODAY'S PRAYER: Loving God, please help me realize and remember that when I share Christ with others, I bring them your blessing and your salvation through Jesus. Increase my boldness to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus in a way that is both truthful and challenging. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


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