You Need A Battle Buddy

People don't go to war by themselves.  It would be a suicide mission.  Someone has to have your back.


You need a battle buddy.


The same is true in the spiritual battles we all face.  You can't go to war against lustful thoughts, dishonesty, addictions, and fear by yourself. You'll be doomed to fail.


If all you want is to be forgive, admit your sin and brokenness to God.  If you want to make a change, admit it to someone else.


Revealing your sin is the beginning of healing.  You don't have to admit your sin to everyone.  But you need to admit it to someone.  You need one person who will love you unconditionally, accept you completely, and pray for you constantly.  You need someone of the same gender to be open and honest with.


When you confess your sins to someone else, you open the relief valve and take the pressure off. Suddenly, the boogieman isn't so big.


Often sin is a cycle. You start out humbly asking God for help, so He gives you the power to make it.  After about six months of success, you start getting prideful.  Then, you fall.  And, in humility again, you ask God for help.  If you could stay in that spirit of humility, you'd be good. But pride always returns.


You can't kick that kind of cycle without friends who'll pray for you, care for you, encourage you, and keep you on track.  When success comes, they'll help you keep your perspective, so your humility stays in check.


That's why local churches are so important.  But you can attend many churches for years and never put yourself in a situation where you know others and are known by others.  Make the effort to find a small group of believers in a local church with whom you can be open and honest.


To think you can quit a bad habit without being honest about it with others is simply a cop out.  It never works.  You guarantee failure when you do that


The Invisible War

~Rick Warren 

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