Gallaway church of Christ


The congregation begin July 17, 1994; with four families from the Ellendale church of Christ in Bartlett, Tennessee.  

With the agreement of the then Elders from Ellendale church of Christ they decided to start a congregation in Gallaway, TN. And with the permission and assisting of then Mayor Layton Watson, they ured a place to worship in the senior citizens building in Gallaway, TN.

Property was purchased March 22, 1999 by the trustees Lenzie Bowie and Warren Ball. With the aid of Elders from Ellendale church of Christ the property located at 570 Highway 70 Gallaway, TN 38036 was ured.

On July 8, 2005; Warren Ball and Lenzie Bowie (trustees) started work on our building, and on July 2, 2006 they held the first Sunday Worship service.

That is the history of the Gallaway church of Christ.

Brother Lenzie Bowie has since pass on (Oct, 2018). We would like to thank him for his work in the gospel of Christ. God's mission bringing souls to Christ was the mission he perused, and Gallaway church of Christ will continue working the area in and near Gallaway Tennessee.  













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