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Name: Kaycee Terrell 
Comments: I recently moved to gallaway and I was thinking about attending sunday and wednesday services. Are there any youth programs or anything I might be interested in? I am 15 years old by the way. God bless

Name: Barb 
Comments: Checking e-mail

Name: keijo 
Comments: God knows us and he looking our hearts and  life what we will in desire and hope and what are our thanksgiving today  and he love our will to be baptist of the Holy Sprit and be healed in Jesus bloods victory and he is seeking those who has surrendet to his love and will,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: Mark Lee 
Comments: I am a friend of Robert Ray.

Name: Bontha Esudas 
Comments: It is good to have chance to visit the website and like to know another group of Christians, We are sending our greeting to you all. And i am inviting you to please my website about the work we are doing in India

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