General Information

We want your congregation to participate!  Here are some brief articles that will allow you to understand how Bible Bowl works so you can be comfortable and prepared.  If you have any questions please contact a member of the steering committee.
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What to Expect
Bible Bowl competitions are conducted in the same format each month. Understanding this format will help your team feel comfortable and be ready to succeed. Here is what to expect:

First, remember, these are all Christians, or children from Christian homes and we all have a common desire to learn more about God's word. More>>

Host Congregation Responsibilities
The Bible Bowl is successful because every congregation works together. Each congregation takes a turn hosting a competition each year. Here are the items for which the host is responsible:

- Group Devotional
- This is a short devotional conducted by the young men of the host congregation for the entire group. More>>

With any competition understanding the rules will help your team. Bible Bowl rules are simple. Take a moment to become familiar with them:
All test text will come from the NKJV Bible. Since there are slight variations within the NKJV the version the on web site BibleGateway. More>>