My Feelings Are Hurt

My Feelings Are Hurt

Brent Smith

     No, my feelings are not hurt, but are yours? It is in our nature I suppose; as human beings we are going to get our feelings hurt from time to time. There are times when others are unfair with us, harsh with us, wrongfully question our integrity. Then there are those times when no harm is meant but we take something the wrong way and the results are the same. We feel hurt. What do you do?

     There are so many passages that address the question but the first that comes to mind is from 1 Corinthians 13.5: Love is not "easily provoked." Quite frankly, if I am walking around with a thin skin, in the right or wrong I am going to get upset at the drop of the hat. If I am wronged or simply take something the wrong way and I am quick to be angry, there is something wrong in my heart. Love does not do that.

     Furthermore when love is lacking, not only am I quick to be angry, I am slow to forgive. Hurt feelings evolve into a grudge despite the fact that James says, "Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door" (5.9).

     Finally, grudges lead to retaliation so that now, I am bent on hurting the person who hurt me. This is so unlike the Lord who when "reviled, reviled not again" (1 Peter 2.23). Now my hurt feelings have rendered me unmerciful and thus in trouble with God. My worship isnít even acceptable so that I need to "leave my gift at the altar and go be reconciled" with my brother (Matthew 5.23-24).

     Most likely, no one has spit on me, beaten me, shed my blood. Why am I so hurt over something so small? Time to toughen up on the outside and soften up on the inside.


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