In the early 1800's, the evangelization of West Tennessee radiated from the spiritual strongholds of Paris and Purdy, Tennessee.  Paris is located in the northeast corner of the western tion of the state.  Purdy, then the County Seat of McNairy, is situated in the southeast corner of the western tion of Tennessee.  Exactly when the gospel was first preached in Trenton and the location and circumstances of the establishment of the church in this area of West Tennessee are not known.  It is known that members of the church were located in Trenton in the summer of 1832.
It was reported by Barton W. Stone in the Christian Messenger that, according to Mansel W. Matthews, the fervor of the Restoration Movement reached Trenton in about 1832 or 1833.  The report, dated May 27, 1833, was "that the people  in this tion manifested, a few months back, great indifference on the subject of religion, but a spirit of inquiry is now excited--the last two Lord's days he had immersed four.  In the conclusion of divine services on the last day three more confessed the Lord and were immersed.  We have ceased to speculate on the word of God in this tion of country."
The history of the church in the early decades of its existence is obscure.  It suffered greatly at the results of the War Between the States and the Reconstruction Period.  It is known, however, that before the War, evangelist Tolbert Fanning did much work with the church in Trenton and Gibson County.  The 6 ft. 6 in. Fanning, born in 1810, was the founder of Franklin Agriculture College in Franklin, Tennessee.  He not only taught agriculture but also young men to preach the gospel.  He was the first publisher of the Gospel Advocate and worked with David Lipscomb as co-editor. 
Historians reveal that the church first met at 600 High Street and that at this location Jack Hall preached for a number of years.  In 1892, the congregation acquired a building on the lot where Anderson Furniture Company is now located.  Then, in 1909, a concrete building was constructed at 300 South College Street.  In 1930, this building was declared unsafe and was replaced by a brick building that was completed in 1933.  The first Sunday Bible School held in the new building had 104 in attendance.  While this building was under construction the church met in the Gibson County Courthouse.  During this time a Gospel Meeting was held in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church building located across the street from the present Trenton City Hall.  Fred Chunn did the preaching.
On October 23, 1966, the church relocated to a larger new building located at 1714 South College Street, the present location.  At the time Phil Hefley served as the full-time preacher.

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