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Brent Smith, Preacher

Jack Parnell, Elder

Butch Shelton, Elder
Baptized in 1959 at Jackson Served as a Deacon 1994-1996 Became an Elder in 1996

Wayne Steele, Elder
Baptized in 1942 at Trenton Became an Elder in 1968

John Bobbitt, Elder

Billy Edwards, Deacon

Charles Garner, Deacon
Baptized on May 6, 1961 at Trenton Served as a Deacon 1994-2003 Became a Deacon in 2007

Mark Greene, Deacon
Baptized August, 1980 at Bethany Became a Deacon in 2007

Tom Lannom, Deacon
Baptized in October, 1982 at Dyer Became a Deacon in 2004

Jerry Mayo, Deacon
Baptized in 1970 at Trenton Became a Deacon September 1, 1996

Jim Overall, Deacon

Daniel Pannell, Deacon

Linard Richardson, Deacon

Robby Shelton, Deacon
Baptized August, 1981 at Trenton Became a Deacon in 2004

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