All Youth - Movie morning

The teens from LaVergne, Stewarts Creek, and Walter Hill will host the younger kids while they enjoy a movie together at Malco on Saturday, November 27th. This will give parents some time (1hr 39min) to shop or just have a nice breakfast. We will have a private screening at 9:30am of Disney's Encanto. Seating is limited (99 seats available) so sign up quickly! Please arrive by 9:15am. The movie will start at 9:30 sharp!
Name Congregation Age  
Shawn Clark LaVergne Adult
Mindy Clark LaVergne Adult
Chris Elrod Walter Hill 26
Matt Taylor Stewarts Creek Adult
Melissa Taylor Stewarts Creek Adult
Zeke Taylor Stewarts Creek 12
Ella Taylor Stewarts Creek 9
Kensingtyn Hill Stewart's Creek 8
Kayla Miller Walter Hill Church of Christ 13
Joshua Walter hill 15
MICHAEL MILLER Walter Hill Church of Christ 18
Molly King Lavergne 17
Silas King Lavergne 15
Hollis King Lavergne 11
Addie King Lavergne 9
Jason King Lavergne ADULT
Ayelen La vergne 10
Emily Elrod Walter Hill 23
Lainey West Walter Hill 15
Jason Hintz Walter Hill Adult
Kim Hintz Walter Hill Adult
Alivia Hintz Walter Hill 18
Gabriel Hintz Walter Hill 13
Dylan Knox Walter Hill 15
Katie Clark LaVergne Adult
Jessi Clark LaVergne Adult
Ryan Strickland LaVergne 12
Gavin Clark Stewart's Creek Adult
Brandon Beard LaVergne Adult
Nora Beard LaVergne 5
Katy lagos La vergne 7
Hunter Bradford WalterHill 14
Malik Vera Lavergne 15
Tiger Vera Lavergne 15
Sky Vera Lavergne 11
River Vera Lavergne 7
Kaitlyn King Lavergne 15
Austin King Lavergne 14
Isaias Hernandez Lavergne Adult
Macrina Hernandez Lavergne Adult
Macrina Hernandez 2 Lavergne 15
Josie Hernandez Lavergne 9
Isaias E Hernandez Lavergne 11
Leidy Hernandez Lavergne 7
Trinity King Lavergne 9
Luke Dunn Stewarts Creek 6
Karlee Dunn Stewarts Creek 16
Jack Dunn Stewarts Creek 14
abigail pomplun walter hill 17
Nhi LaVergne Adult
Chelsea Toombs Stewarts Creek Adult
Daniel Toombs Stewarts Creek Adult
Layla Roberts Stewarts Creek 16
Violet Roberts Stewarts Creek 12
Bishop Roberts Stewarts Creek 9
Adam Chester LaVergne High school
Total Sign ups 56

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