All Youth - Movie morning

The teens from LaVergne, Stewarts Creek, and Walter Hill will host the younger kids while they enjoy a movie together at Malco on Saturday, November 27th. This will give parents some time (1hr 39min) to shop or just have a nice breakfast. We will have a private screening at 9:30am of Disney's Encanto. Seating is limited (99 seats available) so sign up quickly! Please arrive by 9:15am. The movie will start at 9:30 sharp!
Name Congregation Age  
Ayelen La vergne 10 [Delete]
Katy lagos La vergne 7 [Delete]
Brandon Beard LaVergne Adult [Delete]
Nora Beard LaVergne 5 [Delete]
Nhi LaVergne Adult [Delete]
Molly King Lavergne 17 [Delete]
Silas King Lavergne 15 [Delete]
Hollis King Lavergne 11 [Delete]
Addie King Lavergne 9 [Delete]
Jason King Lavergne ADULT [Delete]
Katie Clark LaVergne Adult [Delete]
Jessi Clark LaVergne Adult [Delete]
Ryan Strickland LaVergne 12 [Delete]
Adam Chester LaVergne High school [Delete]
Shawn Clark LaVergne Adult [Delete]
Mindy Clark LaVergne Adult [Delete]
Malik Vera Lavergne 15 [Delete]
Tiger Vera Lavergne 15 [Delete]
Sky Vera Lavergne 11 [Delete]
River Vera Lavergne 7 [Delete]
Kaitlyn King Lavergne 15 [Delete]
Austin King Lavergne 14 [Delete]
Isaias Hernandez Lavergne Adult [Delete]
Macrina Hernandez Lavergne Adult [Delete]
Macrina Hernandez 2 Lavergne 15 [Delete]
Josie Hernandez Lavergne 9 [Delete]
Isaias E Hernandez Lavergne 11 [Delete]
Leidy Hernandez Lavergne 7 [Delete]
Trinity King Lavergne 9 [Delete]
Luke Dunn Stewarts Creek 6 [Delete]
Karlee Dunn Stewarts Creek 16 [Delete]
Jack Dunn Stewarts Creek 14 [Delete]
Matt Taylor Stewarts Creek Adult [Delete]
Melissa Taylor Stewarts Creek Adult [Delete]
Zeke Taylor Stewarts Creek 12 [Delete]
Ella Taylor Stewarts Creek 9 [Delete]
Chelsea Toombs Stewarts Creek Adult [Delete]
Daniel Toombs Stewarts Creek Adult [Delete]
Layla Roberts Stewarts Creek 16 [Delete]
Violet Roberts Stewarts Creek 12 [Delete]
Bishop Roberts Stewarts Creek 9 [Delete]
Gavin Clark Stewart's Creek Adult [Delete]
Kensingtyn Hill Stewart's Creek 8 [Delete]
Chris Elrod Walter Hill 26 [Delete]
Joshua Walter hill 15 [Delete]
Emily Elrod Walter Hill 23 [Delete]
Lainey West Walter Hill 15 [Delete]
Jason Hintz Walter Hill Adult [Delete]
Kim Hintz Walter Hill Adult [Delete]
Alivia Hintz Walter Hill 18 [Delete]
Gabriel Hintz Walter Hill 13 [Delete]
Dylan Knox Walter Hill 15 [Delete]
abigail pomplun walter hill 17 [Delete]
MICHAEL MILLER Walter Hill Church of Christ 18 [Delete]
Kayla Miller Walter Hill Church of Christ 13 [Delete]
Hunter Bradford WalterHill 14 [Delete]
Total Sign ups 56

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