Elders 2019


Bob Tracy, Elder
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Brian Byrd, Elder
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Randall Smith, Elder
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Randy Cary, Elder
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Paul Norwood, Minister
(615) 895-7420
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Will Martin, Associate Minister
(931) 675-9431
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Chris Elrod, Youth Minister
(615) 427-8556
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Andy Clark, Deacon
Care Groups Coordinator, Missions & World Bible School, Directory & Pictures More >>

Shaun Donnell , Deacon
(615) 202-5985
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David Estes, Deacon
Way of Hope,
Vehicle Maintenance More >>

Steve Hickson, Deacon
Building Cleaning More >>

Mark Hooper, Deacon
Vacation Bible School, Signage,
Advertising More >>

Bryan Lewis, Deacon
Elementary Education, Teacher Resources, Sunday PM Children's Class, Website,
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Trampas McCracken, Deacon
Senior Residential Facility Worship,
Benevolence More >>

Mike McInturff, Deacon
Food Pantry Coordinator, Potters Children Home, Lord's Supper
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Scott Miller, Deacon
Lads to Leaders (L2L), Finance More >>

Janice Vance, Secretary
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