Freedom is not free pt.2 !!!!!

AFA Divisions Center for Law and Policy Press Release Philadelphia Police Arrest Christians at a Homosexual "Outfest" Two Days After Civil Suit Filed E-mail this page to a friend Printer-Friendly Version Contact:  Brian Fahling, Esq. American Family Association P.O. Drawer 2440 Tupelo, MS 38803 1-662-680-3886 For Immediate Release:  10/12/2004 Philadelphia, PA - Today, the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy (CLP) announced that Michael Marcavage and ten other Christians were arrested on Sunday, October 10th while exercising their First Amendment rights at a homosexual event dubbed “Outfest.” The event was held on the public streets and sidewalks of Philadelphia and was open to the public. Just two days earlier, the CLP filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Marcavage, founder of Repent America, a Christian organization that calls sinners to repentance. The suit alleges that the City of Philadelphia has a policy and practice of continually denying Marcavage his constitutionally protected rights to free speech and free exercise of religion. The lawsuit also alleges that the City of Philadelphia constantly threatened, intimidated, and, as evidenced by Sunday’s actions, arrested him merely for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the public ways. While exercising their rights on the streets of Philadelphia, Marcavage and the other Christians were surrounded by a group of radical homosexual activists dubbed the “Pink Angels.” The Pink Angels, who exist only to silence outspoken Christians, hooted and whistled to drown out the Christians’ message, and even refused to let an elderly lady pass to reach her home. Rather than arrest the Pink Angels, however, the Philadelphia police arrested and jailed the Christians. After 21 hours in prison, they were released and charged with 8 crimes, including three felonies. “For too long, the City of Philadelphia has operated under the false pretense that they arbitrarily can write their own rules and force Michael Marcavage to live by them,” stated Joseph Murray, a Staff Attorney for the CLP. “It is high time the City of Brotherly Love learned that the Liberty Bell rings for Christians, too.” Brian Fahling, Senior Trial Attorney for the CLP, pointed out that “Philadelphia has only proven the very allegations spelled out in Marcavage’s civil suit—if you are a Christian on the streets of Philadelphia and dare to publicly express a biblical viewpoint, a jail cell awaits you.” The Center for Law & Policy is a division of the American Family Association, Inc. The CLP restricts its practice to constitutional litigation in state and federal courts