The purpose of these ministries

The first century church received edification and encouragement through serving others. As we seek to duplicate the idea of service in the church, we have a number of serving ministries at California Ave. As time passes and needs arise, we will expand our areas of ministering to meet needs. Each member who serves in any area must realize that they must be faithful to Christ and give full support to the local congregant of Christians at California Ave. As a minister and fellow servant, I look forward to serving with you. 

Isaac Sandifer, Jr .

California Ave. Church of Christ Staff
California Ave. Church of Christ Staff The California Ave. Church of Christ is a growing work in progress. Although at the present time we do not have Elders or Deacons, we have an Minister/Evangelist serving our congregation. More>>

Isaac Sandifer Jr., Evangelism/Edification Ministry Coordinator
To preach and teach the word of God in a challenging way to the Lost and the Saved. Teach Bible Classes in the community. Conduct Leadership training classes for men in the congregation. Coordinate a ministry leaders workshop the congregation on a yearly basis. More>>

Cleophas Reaves Jr., Christian Education Bible School Ministry Coordina
The purpose of this ministry is to insure that we have prepared teachers for all Sunday and Wednesday classes and to meet the spiritual/educational needs of the church.

Teachers should:
Be active and faithful to the Lord
Be faithful in attending all services and classes
In class five minutes before class starts More>>

Linda Andrews, Baptism Ministry Coordinator
To prepare and clean baptismal clothes insuring readiness for baptizing people. More>>

Krystal Sandifer, Regina Carter, LuShae Thomas, Office Staff
Church Office Management, Bulletin Production, Church Financial Records, Church Files and Financial Billing More>>

Richard Thomas, Benevolence Ministry
To provide assistance/help to Church of Christ members who are suffering a hardship. More>>

LaDonna Norwood, Robert Jones, Building/Custodial Services Coordinator
To insure that our church building is cleaned on a weekly basis. More>>

Steve Jones,Sr., Richard Thomas, Matthew Cruise, I, Church Trustees
With congregational/bylaw authority, trustees handle the business aspects of the church. More>>

LaTrice Broughton, Ted Dixon, Transportation Ministry Coordinator
To provide transportation to and from worship for members and visitors. More>>

Dario & LaTrice Broughton, Ron Norwood, Homeless Ministry Coordinator
Conduct monthly feeding at MLK Park. More>>

Richard Thomas, Worship Ministry Coordinator
To schedule worship assignments weekly, provide worship training as necessary. To help brethren develop in leading in the public worship service and devotions. More>>

Tiffinia Webber, Calvin Isaac, Robert Alexander, Youth Committee Ministry
To plan and provide wholesome activities for our youth at California Ave. More>>

Cora Capers, SWCC Nat'l Dinner Day Coordinator
To raise funds in support of our school, Southwestern Christian College. More>>

LaTrice Broughton, Chorus Ministry Coordinator
To spread good will and gospel through the avenue of Singing. Participate in fellowships with other Churches of Christ. More>>

Christine King, Susan Mutilangi, Senior Citizens Ministry Coordinator
To encourage the Senior Saints of California Ave. Coordinate the annual Saint Program. More>>

Spiritual Life Group, Spiritual Life Group
To provide wholesome activities that will help to encourage all Christians at California Ave. (Game night, Movie night and Bowling) More>>

Melissa Smith, Church Website
To update and maintain the information on the California Ave. Church of Christ Website. More>>

Isaac Sandifer, Text Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to provide encouragement/edification to members of the congregation during each week. More>>