Point of no Return!!

Point of No Return!! When Peter was preaching the very 1st Gospel Message to the Jews, he makes a statement that said “Save yourselves from this “Untoward Generation”. The question is what is an “Untoward Generation”? In simplified terms it means Perverse, Corrupt Society. If you remember Peter reminded the Jews of the fulfilled prophecy of Joel, which began “In the Last Days”(Acts. 2:16,17) Well if that was the beginning of the last days of a Perverse, Corrupt Society then 2004 must be the final chapter. On Oct. 17(Which was my B-Day) I received FREE tickets to see the Oakland Raiders vs. the Denver Broncos. Upon arrival after finding a parking space, the downward spiral began. Of the few Brave Broncos fans (Me & the Wifey being 2) we must have heard every “FOUL” assault known to man. Let me remind you that this was just a football game. There were tons of seagulls flying over the parking lot area, but there were more “BIRDS” flying from the fingers of the Raider faithful. After getting inside & finding our seats it really got HOT IN THE KITCHEN. There were about 25 people in our group & this Demon came over to our section to let us know close & personal his love for the Raiders. His on words were “Blank the Broncos”, with “BIRDS” Flying rampant. Forget about security they’re loyalty was to the Raiders, we were looking for the guys in the “White Suits”. Every time the Broncos scored (Which was very often) our group cheered, only to be drowned out by several hundred lunatics. After the game while going to the car explicit continued to float around like the Goodyear Blimp, along with the aroma of “Happy Grass”. Then behold right before our eyes 1 lunni had escaped Raiders Rexland Acres. This “CASE” had poured beer on my cousins’ head, down HER back. Well now they had crossed that line. Can you believe that hundreds stood by and approved of that behavior? On top of that, they were willing to jump in and lend their support for that “GUY” (Meaning we were outnumbered 100 to 1) we took the high road. In Conclusion; When you can Cuss, Threaten, Drink(Inebriation), Fight, Pour Beer on individuals, Smoke Weed in front of “THE LAW” with no reprocutions, you know we are at a “POINT OF NO RETURN”. I to speak the same words as Peter when he said” Save yourselves from this untoward generation”, because “It won’t be very long”, then “We’ll understand it better by & by”.