I just don't understand?

There is a lot of things that I don't understand, I don't understand physics, outer space, the inner workings of a watch,but those things don't bother me. As I see the whole world unfold before me daily, it seems as if everybody would want to make their calling & election sure as they see the Day approaching. When I speak to people about their souls, it is something that is on the backburner for them. People act as though it is very simple & that God does not require too much from us. This is where I get the thought of not understanding. I read how God treated his chosen people (JEWS). When Moses came down from Mt.Sinai and the JEWS had turned their back on God, towards a golden calf,he gave instructions to Moses & the Levites to kill all those who stand in the way. Do you realize that thousands upon thousands were killed. Every time the JEWS complained the Bible states, that it angered God, because they forgot who brought them out of SLAVERY. When they complained about not having meat to eat, he sent quail to them every day for 1 straight month,3 FEET HIGH on the ground!!! So what's our problem today, I think we have forgotten who has delivered us from SIN. When I see each person complain about every issue under the sun, they don't realize that God will take vengence on them,but then it will be to LATE. People have seemed to have gotten TOO SMART to the point of being stupid. It say's that they worship me with their mouth, but their HEART is far from me. Every plant that my heavenly father has not planted, shall be rooted up. If they don't believe that , then just wait for Rootin'Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!