Jesus said that as we go into the world, we should strive to make disciples of all men.  Our efforts in evangelism hinge on a three-fold approach.  1.  Television Ministry:  Our television ministry currently is seen on Cox Cable and Brighthouse Cable each week.  Our goal is to sow the seed of the Kingdom in Kern County.  Each week we have the potential of reaching thousands of the population with the Word of God. The program can be seen at the following days and times:  Saturday morning at 9:00 am - 10:00 am on Brighthouse Cable Ch. 11                        Saturday evening at 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm on Cox Cable Ch. 5 2.  Mailout Ministry:  4 times a year we mail out flyers to homes in different zip code areas of Bakersfield.  The purpose is to inform people about the Church of Christ, encourage bible study and to invite them to visit with us. 3.  Doorknocking and Personal Influence:  As we go from day to day our members are encouraged to use their personal influence to lead people to Jesus.  Doorknocking is also used as a tool to inform people about the Lord and His Church. 4.  We support the following missionary efforts on a monthly basis:  The Nigerian Misssion (Normandie church of Christ); The Village of Hope (Ghana); The Crossover Ministry (Exeter Church of Christ)