California Ave. Church of Christ



The purpose of these ministries. 


The first century church received edification and encouragement through serving others.  As we seek to duplicate the idea of service in the church, we have a number of serving ministries at California Ave.  As time passes and needs arise, we will expand our areas of ministering to meet needs.  Each member who serves in any area must realize that they must be faithful to Christ and give full support to the local congregant of Christians at California Ave.  As a  minister and fellow servant, I  look forward to serving with you.


Isaac Sandifer, jr.


Christian Education

Bible School  Ministry

Coordinator:                        Cleophas Reaves


Ministry Purpose:      The purpose of this ministry is to insure that we have

                                 prepared teachers for all Sunday and Wednesday classes

                                 and to meet the spiritual / educational needs of the church.


                                    Teachers should:

                                 Be active and faithful to the Lord

                                 Be faithful in attending all services and classes

                                    In class five minutes before class starts

Baptism Ministry   

Coordinator:           Ladies Ministry


Ministry Purpose:     To prepare and clean baptismal clothes insuring

                                 readiness for baptizing people


Bulletin/Clerical      Deidre Brown


Ministry  Purpose      To prepare and print the church weekly bulletin. Prepare

                                  Flyers for church activities

Building / Custodial


Coordinator:            Verlena Williams & Tiffinia Wilburn


Ministry Purpose:      To coordinate the weekly cleaning of the building


Building /Grounds

Coordinator             Ted Dixon


Ministry Purpose:      To  maintain the church grounds. (Lawn, Shrubbery

                                  Flower beds etc. weekly)




Coordinator:                        Pearl Page


Ministry Purpose      To insure that our trays are prepared and cleaned each




Community Programs


Coordinator:           Wanda Carroll


Ministry Purpose:     To develop community connections for academic tutoring for

                                 and other programs relative to the welfare of youth and


Evangelism /



Coordinator:           Isaac Sandifer


Ministry Purpose:     To preach and teach the word of God in a challenging way

                                 to the Lost and the Saved.


Finance Ministry

Coordinator:            Steve Jones, Tyrone Capers, James Hosey, Sr.

                                Tracey Boughton           


Ministry Purpose:      To collect, count, and deposit all church collections. To pay 

                                 financial obligations for the church.

                                 Develop yearly budget and quarterly and yearly

                                 financial reports for the congregation


Food Bank


Coordinator:           Deidre Brown, Linda Andrews


Ministry Purpose:     To set up our food pantry. Make contact with Gleaners for

                                 needy families,  Coordinate our Thanksgiving Basket

                                 Program.  Receive food donations from members.


Ladies Ministry

Coordinator:           Margaret Mason, Barbara Cruise


Ministry Purpose:     To sponsor and promote spiritual activities for the older

                                 and younger women at California Ave.  Assists with helping

                                 the bereaved of the congregation.




Coordinator:           Maurice Sneed


Ministry Purpose:     To open and secure the church building. 




Coordinator:           Ted Dixon, Maurice Sneed


Ministry Purpose:      To provide transportation to and from worship for

                                  members and visitors.



Visitation Ministry

Coordinator:            Pearl Page, Susan Mutilangi


Ministry Purpose:      To visit, Call and help meet the needs of and assist our

                                  Senior Saints.


Worship Ministry

Coordinator:             Richard Thomas


Ministry Purpose:       To schedule worship assignments weekly, provide

                                   worship training as necessary.  To help brethren to develop

                                   in leading in the public worship service and devotions.


Youth Committee


Coordinator:            Danielle Dixon


Ministry Purpose:      To plan and provide wholesome activities for our youth of all

                                  at California Ave. and our southeast community



SWCC Natíl

Dinner Day


Coordinator:            Cora Capers


Purpose:                    To raise funds in support of our school, Southwestern

                                   Christian College.