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Name: Don Lovell 
Comments: Very nice website! As a participant and song leader in the North Alabama singings, I am curious if the Tennessee singings ever have multiple events on a particular Friday. That happens quite often in Alabama, mostly when we are not having so many cancellations.

Name: Dan York 
Comments: hey---this looks pretty good!   Like the organization and photos --- much improved over the previous set up!

Name: Lavonne Eden 
Comments: Very organized and informative website.i enjoy the signings along with my parents,Carl and EvaLaura Morris.🎼🎼🎼

Name: W C Chilton 
Comments: The site is great . I listen at the songs and hope to go to some of the singings this year. We use to go to them in the past.

Name: Linda Kelsey Clarksville 
Comments: What a great web site you have.   We look forward to joining you

Name: Alma Barnes 
Comments: I would like to be added to your mailing list.  I am interested in attending some of the Friday Night Sings here in the Murfreesboro area.  I have been part of the Church of Christ for a long time, and love the old and new hymns and songs that are so beautiful and meaningful to me.  Nice to find you all here!!

Name: Phil Loftis 
Comments: Great page esp. the links to the home pages of most of the congergations. God bless.

Name: Morrison Street Church of Christ 
Comments: This is a Fantastic Website!! We love the Friday Night Singings and look forward to it every year!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication at keeping this going.

Name: William Rotenberry 
Comments: I love the Webb page. The information of members passing and meetings held are truly vital in keeping us bonded in the Lord's body. As we receive Blessings from the Lord we are to be a Blessing.  Thank You for your dedicated service in this capacity.  Bill

Name: Rashad Harper 
Comments: Great Website!!!

Name: Roger Phy 
Comments: GREAT

I really like the links and pictures.