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Guidelines for Host Congregations

Each congregation is responsible for organizing their Friday Night Singing.
  • Date (coordinated with Kyle Webb) and Starting Time
  • Who will Coordinate or Emcee
  • Format: Welcoming, Prayers, Scripture Reading, etc.
  • Song Leaders: open invite or previously selected
  • Who will offer the Invitation
  • Fellowship Meal/Refreshments and how they will be served (before or after singing)
Please, give details regarding Song Leaders and the Fellowship Meal to the schedule coordinator for inclusion on the schedule.

In the event of inclement weather or conflict, any congregation needing to cancel or postpone their singing is responsible for making those arrangements (contact Kyle Webb).

NOTE: Each individual congregation is also responsible for what happens during the singing. Any questions or concerns regarding "scriptural-ness" or anything that happens during the worship period should be addressed with the leadership of the congregation.

If your home congregation is considering  hosting a Friday Night Singing, you may contact Kyle Webb.