Reagan's Ball

Reagan's Ball


Reagan was lying in her bed on a sunny autumn morning, looking at the different color of leaves on the oak tree outside her window. She noticed that one of the leaves was shaped like her favorite ball.  She wanted to play with it so she jumped out of bed to look for her ball.  She looked under her dolls, in her toy box, and behind all her stuffed animals, but she could not find her ball.


Reagan needed help. She woke up her twin sister Tatum to help her. At first Tatum, didn't want to get up but she liked playing with Reagan's ball too, so she got out of bed. They looked under the dog, in the fish tank, and behind the iguana, but they could not find Reagan's ball.


Reagan needed more help. She woke up her older brother and sister, Matthew and Belinda and asked them if they could help her find her ball.  They looked under the couch, in the DVDcabinet, and behind the television, but they could not find Reagan's ball.


Reagan needed even more help. She woke up her mommy and daddy and asked them if they could help her find her ball. They looked under the kitchen table, in the refrigerator, and behind the microwave, but they could not find Reagan's ball.


Reagan had an idea. She called up her Uncle Damon, Aunt Lena, cousins Nikita and Lukas to see if she left her ball at their house. They looked under the computer, in the scanner, and behind the printer, but they could not find Reagan's ball. 


Reagan had another idea. She called up her Uncle Dustin, Aunt Maki, and cousin James to see if she left her ball at their house.  They looked under their swings, in the playhouse, and behind the sandbox, but they could not find Reagan's ball.


Reagan was beginning to think she would never find her ball. Then she remembered that she and Tatum were going to Nana and Poppie's house to stay the night. She thought she might have left her ball there and she just knew Nana and Poppie could find her ball.  When they got to Nana and Poppie's house she ran to them and said, "Nana, Poppie I lost my ball. Did I leave it here?" They looked under the pile of leaves, in the apple tree, and behind the barn, but they could not find Reagan's ball.


They looked in different places all day but, they could not find Reagan's ball and it was starting to get dark. Nana told Reagan that they would look again tomorrow.  Tatum said, "Sissy, when we say our prayers tonight we can ask God to help us find your ball."  "Ok," said Reagan, but Nana could see that Reagan was still a little sad, and came up with a plan to help Reagan feel a little happier.  "Who wants to go outside and sit on the porch swing?" asked Nana. "I do," said Reagan.  "I do," said Tatum. 


"Will you get your guitar?" asked Reagan.  "Will you tell us stories?" asked Tatum.  "Sure," said Nana.  "I'm coming too," said Poppie.


Reagan, Tatum, and Poppie were dancing while Nana was playing her guitar and singing funny songs. Everyone was having a good time. Reagan almost forgot about her ball.  All of a sudden Reagan stopped her dancing, gasped and yelled, "My ball! My ball! I found my ball!"    

"Sissy, you found it! You found it!" yelled Tatum.  She and Reagan were holding hands and jumping up and down. They were so excited.


"Nana, Poppie come here," said Reagan. "See my ball?"  Nana and Poppie ran over to Reagan who was pointing to her ball. At first they couldn't find it, but then they followed Reagan's finger. "Oh, what a magnificent ball you have!" said Nana.  "I'm so glad you found it. We would have never looked for it there," said Poppie.


It was big, round, white, and so bright that it lit up the whole sky. Reagan, Tatum, Nana, and Poppie tried to jump up and touch it, but it was too far away. Reagan and Tatum stood behind Nana and Poppie and played hide-go-seek from Reagan's ball.


When they were done playing they all sat on the porch swing and looked up in the sky at Reagan's ball.  It was indeed beautiful. Reagan and Tatum were getting a little tired so they climbed onto Nana's lap, put their arms around her neck, and laid their heads on her shoulders.  Reagan eyes were just about to close when she remembered she needed to do something.  She slowly raised her head up, looked into the sky and whispered, "Thank you God for finding my ball. I love you." Then she fell asleep.



Psalms 8:3

Job 25:5


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"God put the moon in the sky to remind us our darkest moments lead to our brightest."

-Lynne Ewing


Reagan has two balls. The other is the sun.  Even though she is now sixteen, John and I can't help but to smile when we look up in sky and see the balls that God gave her.


©Melinda Sutherland 11/1/2016

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