Am I a Refrigerator or a Toster?

Am I a Refrigerator or a Toaster Christian?


We were worshipping with a church of Christ in Jacksonville, North Carolina while visiting our son who is stationed at Camp LeJeune. During the Sunday school class a lady brought up something she had heard about being a refrigerator or toaster Christian.  She couldn't remember the exact details but, I couldn't stop thinking about her comment.  I did a google search but didn't find anything related to her statement. After several attempts and still finding nothing, I came up with my own thoughts, by starting with a description of each appliance.



Different sizes

Holds basic staples which must be purchased each week

Holds a lot of food for special occasions

Must be kept cold  

Must clean out the vents

If food becomes spoiled it must be thrown away

Different controls for humidity, veggies, fruit, drinks, etc

Door is opened a lot with food going in and food going out

Can't easily be moved so cleaning behind it may happen a couple times a year -- or less

Costly for purchase and may require payment plans

Limited warranty with optional purchase of extended warranty.




Different size openings to accommodate different bread types

Someone must push something to start it

Must clean out crumb tray

Different levels of browning

Can easily be moved to different locations

Easy to clean

Must always be hot

Usually used for breakfast but can be used throughout the day

Once the bread pops up it is ready for that person to eat dry or with whatever topping

Once the bread pops up it must be eaten quickly while it is still hot

Affordable without having to make payment plans

Limited warranty with optional purchase of extended warranty.



My first response was I am a toaster that is "On Fire for the Lord," besides I didn't want to be a big, old, cold refrigerator. But my conclusion wasn't the most accurate especially since I was in control of the descriptions. Onto Plan B. Some of you may remember those "Personality Tests" found in the back of magazines? You would answer questions, total up the number of letters answered for A's, B's, C's and you would find your type of personality by which letter had the highest score.  With that in mind I put together this test. If you would like to do it, circle R for refrigerator or T for toaster and then total them. Whatever the majority count is will tell you if you are a refrigerator or a toaster Christian.


DISCLAIMER:This test is totally made up and will never be found in any magazine or professional studies. You may find it totally ridiculous or you may find it something that makes you think.  If it gets too frustrating to select R or T, simply replace the R with Yes and the T with Noand then you can make your own conclusion.


R   T     1. I worship with the church as a "Pop In/Pop Out Christian."

R   T     2. I worship with the church as many times as possible.

R   T    3. I open the door several times to see what is inside, but really don't find anything to my liking.

R   T     4. It doesn't matter if the light is on or off when the door is shut. I must let my light shine for God.

R   T    5. I have an idea for the church and move on it.

R   T    6. I have an idea for the church but never do anything about it.

R   T    7. I read books, articles, blogs, etc that will agree with what I feel about the church of today.

R   T    8. I read the bible so I know why I believe the way I do, even if I don't like what the scriptures say.

 R  T     9. I want to worship with a church to keep up with the times even if it compromises God.

R   T   10. I want to worship with a church to keep up with the times as long as it doesn't lose God in the process.

R   T   11.  I come to church only on special occasions.

R   T   12.  I come to church because it is a special occasion.

R   T   13.  I don't feelfellowshipping means I need to be seenin the church building -- an organized institution.

R   T   14.  I feelthe fellowshipping and not afraid to be seenwith the Lord's church -- his family   he organized.

R   T   15.  I tellothers I go to church.

R   T  16.  I invite others to go with me to church.

R   T   17.  Even if the manual doesn't say not to do it, if I lay one of these appliances on its side I can make grilled cheese.

R   T   18.  Even if the manual doesn't say not to do it, I could lay one of these appliances upside down.

R   T  19.  If I worship with a big church then I don't have to be involved, held accountable or hurt.

R.  T  20.  Life happens no matter what size the church I worship with, especially if I am involved, want to be held accountable and know I open myself up to hurt.


TOTAL: R or Yes ______   TOTAL: T or No _____


Again, I just knew I would be the toaster that is small but mighty. Something like David, Gideon, or Ester who did great things for God. But after deep soul searching and pride swallowing I found myself being both.  If I mixed the cold refrigerator points and the hot toaster points I became more of a 'Lukewarm Christian,' which God so does not want me to be. I had either felt, said, thought, or did qualities of both which meant this blog is not going where I wanted it to go and I am not looking good.  I could save face and just delete the whole idea and the 10 people who read my blogs would be none the wiser.


I went back to my test to see about a do over.  I found both had good qualities, both had not so good qualities.  If I delete the not so good qualities and combine the good qualities I can become a new appliance, one that is paid in full, with a never-ending warranty a ... Refrigaoster Christian.





Matthew 22:29

Acts 2:42-47

I Corinthians 12:26-27

I Peter 4:10-11

Revelation 3:14-16


"Figure out what lights the fire than find the match."

"And the Lord said to John to come forth and receive eternal life, but he came in fifth and won a toaster."

"Few people rise in the morning as hungry for God as they are for cereal, or toast and eggs."


"If God had a refrigerator your picture would be on it."

"When one door closes, another opens... usually a refrigerator."

"The fridge is a great example of what happens best is on the inside."


©Melinda Sutherland 8/1/2017















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