Thoughts from a Couch

'Thoughts from a Couch on a Winter Day"



I am sitting on my couch, in my living room, on what is our third week of below zero temperatures with frigid wind chill making it even colder. All is cozy inside, sipping my hot tea while viewing the snow out my front windows. I know I shouldn't complain about the weather since it is God's creation. Yet, I do. I know I shouldn't complain as the snow helps prepare the land for planting crops in the spring. Yet, I do. I know I shouldn't complain while I am warm in my home, with others who only have a card board box for shelter. Yet, I do.


The first two weeks of this artic blasts our home was filled anywhere from 2 to 15 additional family members.  I saw playing of cards, playing of dominoes, trying to keep a lighter lite while setting off fireworks, getting a stuck drone down from a tree, peeking into Christmas stockings, washing and folding clothes, kitchen turned into a stage for magic shows, eating homemade cinnamon rolls, mac and cheese, drinking hot coco, hot tea and coffee, a non-stopped opening of a refrigerator door, a room filled with air mattress, couches made into beds, and wrestling matches on the floor. I heard them laughing.  I heard them crying. I loved every minute of our gathering.


This gathering came to be because we were brought together to celebrate the life of our mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother.  Mom was 91 years old and the last of the patriarchs when God brought her home December 21, 2017.  As sad as her death was for all of us it was also a time of happiness. I can look back on those brutal cold days having a heart made warmer by the telling of old stories and the making of new precious memories.


I realized while sitting on my couch working on this blog, that it will be posted in February which means spring will be less than 50 days away.  I couldn't help but wonder if we will complain about the spring weather.  Sadly, we will.  But maybe, just maybe if we find something that bring us back to a time where we can appreciate not only the seasons God created for us, but appreciate our family as well, we'll stop before we complain or... at least not complain as much.  For me, children are the ones who help me see what is truly important in life. They are always wise beyond their years.


When my daughter, Destini was of preschool age she taught me that I needed to slow down so not to miss out on our family and God's season of spring. The wisdom of my child inspired this poem.

"The Pink Tree"


She grabbed my hand, my child of three and yelled,

"Come see what God gave me!"


She pulled me out to the front yard and there for all to see

 was a beautiful, beautiful, pink tree.


How could I have missed this lovely tree?

This pink tree God gave to my Destini.


My heart did sink as my eyes filled with tears,

as I prayed to God to slow down the years.


To make me forget about the house, chores and the toys,

and just to play with my daughter and my two little boys


To take time to see the world through their accepting eyes

while jumping in the puddles or following a fly.


To tell stories, sing songs, while baking a cake,

or skip some stones across the lake.


Let the child in me pray, for I know you will be there,

find joy in turning over my worries and my cares.


Dear God, I thank you for the gift of this tree,

this beautiful, beautiful, pink tree you gave to my Destini.



"Family is not the important thing.  It is the everything."

-Michael J. Fox


"Today I can complain because the weather is rainy, or I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free."

- Author Unknown



Genesis 8:22

Isaiah 55:10-11



Celebrate each family member -- the good, the bad, the ugly

Celebrate each season God gave us


©Melinda Sutherland 2/1/18



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