The Transport

This past January were returning home from a trip to Florida.  As I was driving on I-57 in Illinois I noticed lights flashing in the distance behind me.  It seemed like forever until the emergency vehicle was beside me. As it passed me on the side of it was written "PEDIATRIC TRANSPORT." My heart sank, my body went weak, and tears came to me at the thought of a child being inside.  Never seeing this before I could only imagine what everyone was going through and just prayed that God would protect the child, drivers, parents, and those who would be taking care of the child wherever he or she would be going. Some cars and semis were driving on the shoulder to give safe passage while others never moved. 
Once the flashing lights were out of site, I couldn't help but to think that our bodies are like this vehicle in that our bodies are transporting our souls.  If others saw a sign on us that said, "SOUL TRANSPORT" would their hearts sink, their bodies go week, tears come to them, and would they pull over to help with safe passage? 
Unfortunately, we don't have signs on our bodies so others will know of our journey.  There will be people in our lives that will not pull over to give us a safe journey. There will be people who will not cry or feel for us.  There will be people who will not care that we are a child of God.  So, with some of life going against us we need to ask ourselves, "How am I living my life so those around me will know I have a soul to transport?"  Perhaps the answer is... will our emergency lights be flashing...or not?
BIBLE READING Matthew 16:26 Matthew 5:14-16
ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: Look up the words to the children's song, "This Little Light of Mine." Look up the words to the children's song, "Roll the Gospel Chariot Along"
©Melinda Sutherland 3/1/2018

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