The Sweetest Sound Ever

"The Sweetest Sound Ever"

 There are so many sounds I love to hear.  The chirping of birds out my window before rising for the day, the waves crashing onto the shore, and laughter at family gatherings. But, for me the sweetest sound ever is that of children, especially in church.


I love to hear babies cooing, giggling and even crying.  I love hearing toddlers who think they are whispering asking questions, laughing, singing, or even occasionally being a little "expressive."  Of course, this is easy for me to say since it's been forty years of my trying to keep a little one quiet in church.


One Sunday morning Jax, who is preschool age, ran to the front of the church and down the middle aslie which is something he had never done before. He brought smiles to many of us. Talking with the mother after church she shared a wonderful story of why he was running. He knew that after the big people ate dinner (aka communion) he got to go to Sunday School (aka Children's Church) which he so enjoyed. However, this particular morning there were some people blocking his normal passage so he turned and ran in a different direction to get to Children's Church. What a wonderful lesson for all us. He WANTED to be at Children's Church.  He SAW an obstacle.  Instead of giving up, he RAN in the other direction to get to his destination. How many of us desire this when we go to church?


When I was a young mother I was blessed by older women in the church who kept reassuring me that I was a good mother.  They were there to help me, not judge me. They were there to help lift me up when I was overwhelmed with self doubts. They were there giving me gentle advice about my children, even if it wasn't to my liking. They prayed for me. 


Their love and words of encouragement to me is something I would like to share with all young parents who may feel a little overwhelmed bringing your children to church.


First, you are doing the most important work as a parent, sharing God with your child. Yes, you will need to discipline your child on occasion while at church, which is something you wouldn't expect any less of them when taking them to restaurants, school, special occasions, etc. There were some occasions when I had to take our oldest son, Damon out when he was "expressing" himself.   No matter how smoothly I thought I was doing this he would grab several chairs on the way creating a scene. I guess turnaround was fair play as I can remember my mother taking me out and my not going willfully for I knew I would not get a talking to, but rather a hand on my bottom.




Second, by being there consistently, even if you never hear a song, sermon, or just want to run out when the last amen is said, you are telling them God is first in your lives no matter how anyone acts.  Being consistent when they are this young is so important, as it will be your salvation should they spread their wings even more as teenagers/young adults.


Third, the sound of babies, toddlers, young children is the sound of church growth. You are teaching them what it means to be part of the family of God. You are teaching them about a serving heart which helps them strive to become a teacher, deacon, elder, minister, missionary, or wherever they allow God to direct them.


So parents I want to THANK YOU for bringing your children to church. I want to THANK YOU for being the example for them. I want to THANK YOU for letting me hear the sweetest sound ever.



Matthew 19:14

Titus 2:3-5

Psalm 98:4


 A Sunday school teacher asked her children, as they were on the way to church service, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?" One bright little girl replied, "Because a lot of people are sleeping."




©Melinda Sutherland 6/1/2018

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