Jesus Is Real

"Jesus is Real"


Our granddaughters, Tatum and Reagan, boarded the church bus on Monday, June 25, 2018 to Holland Michigan for a youth retreat at Hope College. The week was exciting, uplifting, and filled with many memories of friends, speakers, and activities that brought them closer to God. On Friday, June 29, 2018 they were on their way back home when a turn of unexpected events happened. The trip home was going into the early hours of Saturday morning. Somewhere around 1:30 smoke and flames were seen.  By the quick thinking of the bus driver and chaperones, the children were guided off the bus. Within minutes the bus was totally engulfed in fire.


I can only imagine what the children, driver, and the chaperones were feeling at that time.  I can only imagine what the parents were feeling when receiving a call from their child at that moment.  I can only imagine the scene when parents and children were reunited. I can only imagine what everyone is going through when all sinks in of what happened and what could have happened.


The one thing I don't have to imagine is that I KNOW God was in control that morning.


The children running from the bus, gathered around to comfort each other when a billboard was noticed.  The sign only had three words. Yet, those words were all they needed to feel God's arms around them. It simply said ... "Jesus is Real."




Reach out to someone who has loss a love one



Psalm 23

Psalm 46:1


©Melinda Sutherland 8/1/2018


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