OK God

"OK, God"
We live in a time where we want everything yesterday.  Now, before you roll your eyes or nod into agreement because you think I'm talking just about the younger generations, you would be wrong.  No matter the generation we all at some time in our life don't want to wait on anyone or anything. This especially includes electronic devices that we think we just can't live without that are used and misused across ALL generations. These devices can find the weather, tell a joke, correct spelling, raise or lower toilet seats, turn off or on lights, lock or unlock doors, set timers, text or call someone, set reminders, resite trivia questions, give us directions, select our favorite music, or find a virtual friend.  All we have to do is say, "OK Google," or "Alexa," or "Cortana, or Siri." 
I'm just starting to use more of my google assistant on my android phone, and I got to wondering how does it answer bible questions.  My first question was, "What does the bible say about marriage?" It went right to a scripture and even read it for me. I was impressed!  I then ventured on asking questions about what does the bible say about sexuality, baptism, communion, giving, worshipping, church divisions... you know the general question that we all want the bible to agree with our viewpoint. I'm not sure if I was only allowed one direct bible quote or I was wearing out my assistant by asking questions, but after my one "freebie' Google Assistant replied by saying,"I can search the web for you."  Perhaps my Google Assistant wanted to be politically correct by staying on the fence when faced with questions that could be controversial. When searching the information given to me by my Google Assistant, I read scriptures as well as various religious and non religious viewpoints.  If I didn't like what one person said, I could easily find someone to agree with me. 
While these devices can be fun and helpful, I would like to challenge all of us to use another device for our religious questions...the bible...not the electronic one but the actual book.  Let's use our hands to touch the pages of the bible to look up scripture. Let's use paper and pen to make our own notes or better yet underlining and highlighting scripture. Let's use book resources such as commentaries, bible dictionaries, concordance, maps, etc.  I do have to confess since I'm using my laptop to write this blog it is easier to click on a web search for a certain topic or look up a verse then to get up and get my bible.  I am going to try to have my bible next to my laptop to read, underline or highlight scripture in addition to going online.  It's a work in progress, but there is something about that open bible. 
Once you have your research tools ready begin by saying: "Ok, God open my heart to read your words, rather than defend my views."  But, here's a warning...chances are real good we are not going to like everything we read because God isn't politically correct, he is God correct. Yet, If we are really quiet, and have our hearts truly open we just might hear, "OK, my child. Let's begin."
ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS Check this out - a real eye opener https://faithtrend.com/2018/07/19/shock-only-3-5-of-christians-can-discern-between-a-q uote-from-satan-and-a-quote-from-jesus/
Check out your electronic devices to see what it says about bible topics.
ADDITIONAL READING Psalm 27:8 Your own study 
​ is like Wi-Fi, it's invisible but it has the power to connect you to what you need." -author unknown
​ the world's greatest wireless connection." -author unknown

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