A Song For James

When I became a mother I couldn't imagine how I could love anyone more than my children. Yet, when those grandchildren came along, I found my heart wanting to burst open with love I didn't know could exist. A love that can never be explained.  It did not matter if they came to us by birth or by other means. They were all our grandchildren.  This is a song I wrote for James when he was born. He is now eighteen, recently graduated from high school, and has started college.
It's four in the morning and the phone it did ring. The voice on the end said, "Hello Grandma." "I'm a Grandma!" I yelled and my heart it did sing So I woke up your Grandpa who said, "uhhh, Grandpa who?"
Your name is James Carl and your six pounds seven inches. Eighteen inches from your head to your toes. Oh, I can't wait to see you, to hold you, to love you Cuddle you tight and kiss your nose.
Though you live in Okinawa you will always be near For I have songs and stories of your family here, Of your aunts and your uncles, your cousins, and friends. Your family in the Lord whose strength you can depend.
As a grandma I'm blessed with Belinda and Matthew and now little James I welcome you too. And when I sit on my porch swing and see the stars in the night I'll make a wish for you all and in my heart hold you tight.
Read: Proverbs 17:6
A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.
©Melinda Sutherland 12/1/2018

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