"What's That Smell?"

"What's That Smell?"
We were in Jed Yancey's Sunday school class in September of 2018 at the Central Church of Christ in Ocala, Fl.  He is a young teacher with and older soul, who shares his experiences from his childhood, his profession, love of sports, and asking questions to help us relate to the lesson. 
This Sunday Jed asked us if we ever remembered stepping in dog poop and what did we use to remove the poop.  Most answered a small stick. 
When asked this question I instantly thought of the time I went for a run while visiting our son, Dustin and his family at Camp LeJeune, NC.  He told me of a path close to their house. My daughter-in-law, Maki did tell me that there was a lot of dog poop because no one took the time to clean up after their dogs. I heeded her words of caution but, forged onto the path. (Do we ever hear heed the word of God  but forge onto the wrong path anyway?)
I was running along, enjoying the sunshine and all the surroundings and never really saw any dog poop thinking that some people did take the time to pick up after their dogs. (Do we trick ourselves to thinking, " How can this be sin when I'm enjoying my life from God?")
Yet, when I got home and started to take off my shoes the smell was so raunchy it took my breath. Both shoes were covered in thick dog poop from toe to heel and going up the sides towards the inside of my shoes. I didn't know how I was going to get them off without touching some part of the poop. There was no using a small stick or a stick of any size. I truly thought the only thing I could do was carefully put them in a bag and throw them away. (Do we ever feel the sin in our lives is so deep  that God will only want to throw us away?)
I really didn't want to throw the shoes away because they weren't that old and running shoes aren't cheap. So I held my breath, pulled as quickly as I could, and took them over to the hose. I was holding the nozzle as close to the shoes as I could and spraying at full blast. I'm sure some poop was flying off the shoes and onto me no matter how I tried to move from the spray.  (Do we ever forget what Christ did for us to wash away our sins?)
After getting them "hand cleaned" they went into the washer on the hottest water and sanitizer available. I headed for the shower doing the same.  We both came out sparkling clean and no lingering smell. 
I still have those shoes and when I go out for a run they remind me of how God guides me if I let him, They remind me that he won't give up on me. They remind me that when I am in a race I
may not be the first to cross the finish line, but I will finish. They remind me that he loves me so much that he will never ask... "What's that smell?" 
ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS In France, there's a rather popular notion that stepping on dog poop can bring you luck. It all  depends on which foot accidentally steps on the dog poop. If it's the left foot, then it's good  luck for you. It's bad luck if you step on it with the right foot.   BIBLE READINGS II Corinthians 2:15 Ephesians 5:1-2
©Melinda Sutherland 1/1/2019

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