Gene Page, Elder
GENE PAGE serves as an elder. He is from Bowling Green, KY and relocated to Sebring full time in 2019. He is retired from Bethlehem Steel Corporation. He married Judy on February 3, 1962. They have four grown children - two girls and two boys and several grandchildren. More>>

Paul Talbert, Elder

Bill Benton, Deacon
BILL BENTON serves as a deacon and classroom teacher. He graduated from the University of Central Florida. He owns his own business, Bill Benton CPA. He married Trudy on August 21, 1993. They have one son, Bradley. More>>

Louie Dunihue, Deacon
LOUIE DUNIHUE graduated from Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, FL. He joined the Navy as a Corpsman and has been married to Darlene since February 17, 1979. They have two grown children, a son and a daughter, and have four grandchildren - three girls and one boy. More>>

Roger Gurganus, Deacon
ROGER GURGANUS graduated from Avon Park High School. He married Susan Gore in 1972. They have three grown daughters - Kari, Tonya, and Tori - and have six grandchildren. Roger sold his business and retired in 2004. More>>

Jason Jordon, Deacon
JASON JORDON serves as a deacon. He works at Keller Williams and has always lived in Highlands County. Jason married Jennifer in May 2007. They have two sons in school. Jason likes boating, fishing and golfing. More>>

Don Polston, Deacon
DON POLSTON graduated from Sebring High School. He has been married to Kristie since 1992. They have one son, Hayden, and one daughter, Heather. Don is the owner of Sunset Drafting. He likes to watch college football in his spare time. More>>

Dustin McCrickard, Youth & Family Minister

Amanda McCrickard, Secretary
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