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Welcome to the 2019/2020 Bible Bowl competition! We will meet at Middle Tennessee Christian School in Murfreeboro at 7:00PM on the nights listed below.
The text for this year is taken from the book of Acts. Here is the information to get your team ready.
Date Text
Host Congregation
September 30th
Acts 1, 2, 5 Salem Creek
November 4th
Acts 6, 8, 9 Florence
December 2nd
Acts 10, 11, 12 Milton
January 6th
Acts 13, 14, 15 East Main
February 3rd
Acts 16, 17, 18
March 2nd
Acts 19, 20, 21 Stewart's Creek
April 6th
Acts 23, 27, 28 Highland Heights

Note: We will be using the New King James Version for this year's text.