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This is one of our longest lasting programs, beginning well before any of us can remember. We offer classes for all ages, meeting on Sunday mornings at 9am and Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Our Bible classes give us an opportunity to study God's Word together and understand it on a deeper level. More>>


For many years, Mars Hill has been well-known for sending cards to those in need of encouragement. Almost every week, we send cards to our sick or shut-in, those that have lost loved ones, visitors, etc. More>>


We have a food pantry for those who are in need. The members of Mars Hill donate food and other supplies to stock the shelves. Our pantry is almost always ready to go, when the need for it arises. Over the years, this ministry has helped many in our community to meet needs that, otherwise, may not have been met. More>>


The Mars Hill church sponsors an Internet radio program called, "ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPTURES." This program airs every Tuesday morning at 11am, as well as a repeat of the week's message at 11pm, on The Gospel Radio Network. More>>