Elders and Minister

Kirk Mason, Elder
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Kirk is well known as the CEO of Stones River Manor in Murfreesboro, a not-for-profit senior living community sponsored by area churches of Christ.

Kirk and Cindy have been serving the Mars Hill Church of Christ since placing membership in 1987. More >>

Hugh Phifer, Elder
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Hugh placed membership with the Mars Hill congregation after moving to the Christiana area in 2003. He was appointed as an elder in 2009.

Previously, Hugh and Rosalie were members of the La Vergne Church of Christ (35 years), where Hugh obeyed the gospel in 1965. More >>

Kyle Webb, Minister
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Kyle is a former member of the Mars Hill church, originally placing membership in 2006. Since then, he has always been close to Mars Hill, even when working with other congregations. He returned to serve as pulpit minister in July, 2016. More >>